Burn Prevention

The protection of our children requires the involvement of the entire community. San Joaquin Community Hospital, through a partnership with Grossman Burn Centers, opened Kern County’s first full-treatment burn care center in early 2009. When asked what trends they see in burn injuries, Darci Reed, Program Coordinator states “scald burns occurring in the kitchen are the most common for children year around, but during the summer months we see more camp fire and BBQ burn injuries.” Of the 331 individual patients the Center has seen this past year, 129 (39%) were children.

Grossman Burn Center encourages families to follow a few basic guidelines to help keep loved ones safe:

    Kitchen—Keep It Out of Reach

  • Put pans on rear burners
  • Keep hot dishes and drinks away from the edges of counter tops
  • Keep cords for appliances—like toasters—out of reach
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing while cooking

    Bathroom—Test the Water

  • If the bathtub water feels a little hot for you, it’s definitely too hot for your child. Test the water by moving your hand back and forth for a few seconds after the tub is filled.
  • Never leave your kids unattended in the bathtub. It only takes seconds for a child to be burned.

    Housekeeping—Keep Tabs on the Temperature

  • Keep fire exits and escape routes clutter-free
  • Store flammable materials—such as paint thinner—in original, tightly sealed containers and away from ignition sources
  • Store gasoline and other fuels outside and out of reach
  • Keep matches and lighters in a secure place
  • Unplug electrical tools when not in use
  • Ensure you have working smoke detectors in every room in your home
  • Check your water heater to make sure it is set no higher than 120 degrees